Outer Rim Adventures

Session I Postmortem

-Technical: Bob continued having issues with his Hangouts not permitting apps to run. Ryan has since suggested Bob create/use a Google account when accessing Hangouts.
-Technical: Audio feedback an issue. Everyone needed time to adjust their mic/speaker levels to find the correct balance.
-Technical: Chris had difficulty hearing the other players, especially when more than one player was speaking. Will try to use headphones during the next session. If that works, will probably by a quality headset to avoid having to use the mic in the webcam.
-Creative: Chris hasn’t gamed in nearly 10 years and is terribly rusty. Will self-resolve unless he has contracted hemorrhagic Gungan syphilis, in which case he’s fucked anyway.
-Procedural: Need to continue to learn best practices for negative impacts on successful rolls.
-Procedural: The group has quickly learned to build/interpret the dice pools.
-In-Game: Nickoff sloshes when he walks due to the number of booze bottles stashed on his person.
-In-Game: The party has about three days worth of spice dosing on their persons.
-In-Game: The smell of the sewers will remain in Anna-Liisa’s fur until she has time for a proper washing.



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