Outer Rim Adventures

What am I doing on Kaala III?

Why are we here?

You arrived on Kaala III about two weeks ago while working on a bounty. You were supposed to meet a contact, but unfortunately you found a dead body and dead end. Your fixer told you to stay put while he worked out some leads on the target.

Nickoff Thyme:
After a few weeks of pulling jobs on Sullust you decided it was time to move on — on the next available ship heading out of orbit, destined for anywhere. The captain was not pleased when he found you tossing his cabin and you were put off as the next available port. At least he didn’t shove you out the airlock. This backwater hellhole seems full of plenty of marks… Um… Plenty of nice, friendly locals… Until a flight to somewhere civilized becomes available.

Riad Kral:
You’ve been moving along as it strikes your fancy. Chance led you to Kaala III and it’s been a decent place to hole up. There’s been plenty of work, above and below board, and space flows fairly freely. The urge to move along is beginning to stir, though.

Zane Cyrus:
Some deals just go bad. A botched run and dead partner left you with a bounty courtesy of the Black Sun cartel, an open warrant in Corellian space, and an aggravated Hutt. Kaala III sounded like the perfect place to regroup and come up with a new plan. There’s always a way out. You just need to figure out how.

During your time on the planet you’ve found a cafe named Maud’s to be a good place to pass the time. Run by a middle-aged woman named Trins Keona, the establishment offers three meals a day and booze starting with lunch. Trins personally looks after all her patrons – she can go drink for drink with the hardiest pirate or be the shoulder to cry on for a jilted lover. Most of the seating is outdoors in a small courtyard at the corner of two major streets. All class of citizens pass through the area. Another fixture of the cafe is an old protocol droid named T3-D (affectionately known as Ted). He sits quietly in a corner wearing a top hat similar to Slash’s. All he really ever says is, “T3-D is a free droid. T3-D has a hat.”

Over the past couple of weeks, everyone present has gotten used to the presence of the others. Casual conversations are had regularly. You may or may not know each other’s name or alias. Each of you recognizes that the others are a cut above the local populace.



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