Kaala III

Kaala III

Astrogation Data: Kaala System, Sevetta Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Orbital Metrics: 388 local days/year; 22 Standard hours/day
Government: Corporate Governorship
Population: 20,000
Languages: Basic

Major Terrain: chaparral (hot, dry scrubland)
Major Cities: Central Station
Areas of Interest: Old Town, DossCorp Mine #2

Major Exports: raw & refined Byzanium ore
Major Imports: food, water, luxury goods, spice

Special Conditions: Law Enforcement by CorpSec marshals; limited Imperial control

Kaala III has been a DossCorp mining colony for nearly 100 years. Preliminary mineral surveys indicated large deposits of Byzanium ore, used in starship sublight drive assemblies, but unfortunately the strikes did not play out. The mines are manned by skeleton crews and offworld mineral shipments are small. Smugglers often use the world as a location to make spice sales and to law low from the law.

Central Station, the world’s capital, hosts the majority of the planet’s population and its only spaceport.

Kaala III

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